Streets Of Freedom

“There are two things in life you cannot buy.
For one thing it’s time, and the way you smile.”


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Daniel Young was born in 1980 and grew up in Zofingen (AG, Switzerland). Since records began he was a passionate singer who sang along to whatever he listened to. Regardless of the language it was written in… He loved to play around on his mother’s sort of off-tuned piano and took piano lessons for several years, after he had to struggle with the flute for a few months at the age of seven. Eventually, Daniel Young wrote his first tune at age eleven. It should become the most melancholic and psychodelic melody ever since.

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Becoming a musician:

Daniel Young started his first band at the age of fifteen. Unfortunately, this first short-lived band stayed unnamed. Meanwhile Daniel Young desperately tried to improve his American accent… especially rock song covers helped with that. School showed him that a guitar player might make a bigger impression on girls. So with a few bucks he had earned for cleaning windows at his favorite music store in Zofingen he bought himself a black Washburn guitar (of course one similar to Jon Bon Jovi’s). Some guitar lessons followed. Drumming and saxophone lessions completed his musical education. The movie “The Thing Called Love” did the rest for Nashville to become a magical place to be visited later on in his life.


Daniel Young eventually figured out how to transform dark matter (of facts) into the sparkling energy which enriches his songs. All his spare time he invested in songwriting. Soon there were enough songs written to start a band.

In 2006, Daniel Young founded a new project that resulted in the band “Dyabelle”. The next four years things progressed fairly. Songwriting, though, progressed from teen inspired dreams to the “real” life based inspiration of adulthood. This led to the renaming of the band to “Liven”.

After the release of their EP “One” (written, recorded, mastered and mixed by Daniel Young) Liven went to Winterland Studios in Minneapolis (USA) to record their first studio album. It has not been released yet for Liven split up after their last concert in March 2013.


Meanwhile Daniel Young had started to write and record his first solo album called “Streets Of Freedom” which was also mixed at Winterland Studios by Josh Levi. All songs were mastered by Todd Fitzgerald. Winterland Studios are known for having worked with artists like Lenny Kravitz, Prince, Daughtry, James Blunt, Alanis Morissette and many more.

Daniel Young continues his way as a solo artist. However, 2014 he set out to find the best of the best musicians to accompany his solo project. For a few live performances he staged with percussionist Marcel Aubert whom he met at a concert. Marcel is a profound and talented music lover who complements Daniel Young on stage almost to perfection.

All of Daniel Young’s songs are and will always be fully or at least partly autobiographical.

Daniel Young on YouTube

There’s a lot of space to fill, so bring your camera to my next show. Upload it on YouTube and drop me a line. With a little bit of luck your shot will get featured in a live video medley.

Several Songs – live
I Won’t Go (Before I Die) – live
Delusion – live

Listener’s Reviews

I love it! the different background noises give it a new feel to it. Making it stand out. Good job keep it up.

From the first bars which I heard of Daniel Young’s music I’ve been charmed. And now, after many many bars of his music, I still am.
Debby Krähenbühl

Sweet! Peace from Sunny Detroit City!
Spirits Of Another Day

A great musician with a distinctive voice… profound lyrics, gorgeous sound… looking forward to hearing some new tunes of yours!
Lidija Dujmovic

A great song. A fantastic new talent in the music scene.
Stuart Allen

Great music!

This is absolutely great! I love what your doing, good sound and I can understand the words! Keep Going!!!
Allen Zimmerman

Really enjoy your music/sound. Wish you much success!

This music has some kind of recall value. There’s a unique story to every single song and your words are truthfully authentic.
Eveline Birrer

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